We all have them. BUT, they are all about perception. What I consider as a flaw may not be what someone else considers as a flaw. To me, a flaws is an imperfection or a fault in MY eyes. I consider my flaws to be things that I do not like about myself and things that I would like to change. 
So I have grown to understand myself and my own tendencies more and started to observe my preferences and also which tendencies and flaws I tend to look for in women. 
What I have realized is that I end up attracted to or bonding to women who don't like the same things about themselves that I don't like about myself. 
Closed in.

And this is because they are life me. They are working on what I'm working on. We relate. 
So this amazing question pops up in my head.... If I don't like certain things about myself, but I fall in love with those certain things in women... Are they really flaws??? Are they flaws if I'm in love with them?

it's like, I can love someone and embrace their flaws. But there flaws are just like mind... So why is it hard to embrace with them myself?

All I know is that not a single one of us is perfect. And that's one of the great things about life. We all have so many wonderful things to offer -- and, yet, we're not always so wonderful. 
So here are 4 steps for falling in love with your flaws: 
1. Decide if there's something you can do about it. If there is, work on them. 
2. Determine if you actually are going to do something about it. If not, why worry? If you are, GET TO IT TODAY.

3. Imagine it from a different point of view. 
Is it really that bad? Can you see the beauty of it? Are you disliking it because everyone else is or is it something that you truly believe is flawed?

4. Accept it it for exactly what it is. You're beautiful. Act like it.