Meet The Fam



You find comfort since the mom knows you, the friends know you... But I guess you forgot that their loyalty is to HIM. Not you. Here's a secret... And dudes hate when I throw this out there... But I really don't care... I have sisters and nieces... this info is for you…


So, your worst enemy is yourself in this situation because you're there letting family members and friends boost you up by telling you "you are the ONE for him. He told me he really likes you. He talks about you all the time. He'll come around. I like you for him. You're BASICALLY his girlfriend. You're better than the other girl."


All of that motivates you for some reason because you think you're so "in with the love ones". So you're inspired by all of that family-friendly glitter and forget that this man still does not want a relationship with you.


And I know that you think that meeting the family and friends is a sign of progression into something more, and it is. Just not more to what you think it is. If he is still telling you that he does not want a relationship but is introducing you to the family and friends, that man is already settling down for now. You're not upgrading from friends with benefits to a relationship. You just upgrade to the "Chill and come over to eat and have sex, and it's cool that you know the family. So just in case I ever do want to settle down with you, and only you, you will be here waiting for me because you are extra hopeful now” arrangement.


Secret: he ALREADY SETTLED DOWN WITH THE WAY THINGS ARE GOING NOW. That's why he's not trying to upgrade to a relationship...


The thing is, you don't have to meet the family. If he asks you to meet them, you can always say no if you think it's going to lead you on.